Geometric Modeling and Animation with Meshes

11/30/2010 - 3:00pm
11/30/2010 - 4:00pm
Peter Schröder (California Institute of Technology)

Much of classical mathematics was developed when natural philosophers needed an apparatus to describe the world around us and the laws which govern it. This is particularly true of differential geometry. The resulting machinery has achieved great sophistication and deep insights so it was natural to use it when the age of computation enabled the numerical solution of complex problems. But the computer is ill-suited to deal with continuous (and smooth) equations directly.

The talk will introduce the audience to some concepts from a new research direction:
Discrete Differential Geometry. Instead of discretizing classical theory it rebuilds a discrete theory, which mimics the smooth theory, from the ground on up. This has many advantages computationally and is broader than the smooth theory which it recovers as a limiting case. Examples will be used from computer graphics to illustrate some of the underlying ideas and how they play out in practice.

About CMC Atul Vyas Memorial Lecture in Mathematics

Atul Vyas was an outstanding CMC student who was majoring in Mathematics and Physics. He tragically lost his life in a train crash that occurred on September 12, 2008 in Chatsworth, California.  The Mathematics Department at CMC fondly remembers Atul as someone who was equally excited by the power of mathematical abstraction and the possibilities for its applications.  In memory of Atul, the CMC mathematics department will host a yearly lecture series, aimed at a general audience, on the Creative Application of Abstract Mathematical Ideas. For more information about other lectures, click HERE.



Davidson Lecture Hall, CMC
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A brief reception will take place prior to the talk and refreshments will be provided.

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