An Introduction to Geometric Data Analysis and its Possible Applications

Start: 10/14/2009 - 4:15pm
End  : 10/14/2009 - 5:15pm


Jen-Mei Chang, Professor, Cal State Long Beach


The analysis of patterns in data has typically been a subject in statistics and engineering. Recently, however, fundamental mathematical theory in areas such as linear algebra and differential geometry have provided a new mathematical framework and insights for understanding large data sets residing in spaces of large ambient dimensions. In this talk, we will explore a wide range of applications that are natural under the linear algebra and differential geometry framework. In particular, applications in image compression, handwritten digit and face recognition, image reconstruction from noisy and missing data will be discussed

Millikin 134, Pomona College

Misc. Information

Refreshments served at 3:45 p.m. Harry Mullikin Room, Millikan 209. The dinner will be hosted by Professor Ami Radunskaya. If interested in attending, please call ext. 18715

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