Induced matchings, arithmetic progressions and communication

Start: 02/01/2012 - 4:15pm
End  : 02/01/2012 - 5:15pm


Benny Sudakov (UCLA)


Extremal Combinatorics is one of the central branches of discrete mathematics which deals with the problem of estimating the maximum possible size of a combinatorial structure which satisfies certain restrictions. Often, such problems have also applications to other areas including Theoretical Computer Science, Additive Number Theory and Information Theory. In this talk we will illustrate this fact by several closely related examples focusing on a recent work with Alon and Moitra.

About the speaker

Benny Sudakov received his B.S. in mathematics in 1990 from the Georgian State University in Tbilisi (USSR), and his M.S. (1993) and Ph.D. (1999) from Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Noga Alon. He held appointments at Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study before moving to UCLA in 2007, where he was the David Saxon Presidential Term Chair in Mathematics (2007-2011) and is currently a professor of mathematics. He was a recipient of a Sloan Fellowship and an NSF CAREER Award, and was invited speaker at the 2010 International Congress of Mathematicians. Professor Sudakov received numerous grants and fellowships, supervised six Ph.D. students, authored over 140 publications, and serves on the editorial boards of eight journals. His main research interests are in Combinatorics and its applications to Computer Science.

Freeburg Forum (Kravis Center, LC 62), Claremont McKenna College

Misc. Information

Here is the PDF flyer for this talk. The dinner will be hosted by Prof. Lenny Fukshansky.

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