Invariants of knots from quandle cohomology

Start: 04/14/2010 - 4:15pm
End  : 04/14/2010 - 5:15pm


Mohamed Elhamdadi (University of South Florida)


We will introduce an algebraic structure called quandle. Its axiomatization comes from knot theory. Quandles can be seen as an abstraction from groups since many important examples arise as conjugation invariant subsets of groups. Quandles can be used, for example, to construct invariant of knots. In many situations we are faced with the following questions: determine the general structure of finite quandles, compute their second and third cohomology groups in particular. The talk will contain enough examples and calculations.

Beckman B126, Harvey Mudd College

Misc. Information

Coffee & Cookies at 3:45 pm in Olin B161 Harvey Mudd College
The dinner will be hosted by Professor Sam Nelson, CMC
If interested in attending, please call ext 78979

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