Claremont Colleges Mathematics Colloquia

The Claremont Colleges present Mathematics Colloquia on every Wednesday, 4:15 - 5:15 pm. Refreshments are served before the talks at 3:45 pm. For more information or to suggest speakers, please contact the organizers Chiu-Yen Kao ( and Ali Nadim (

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Spring 2018 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Jan/17/2018field meetingfield meeting
Jan/24/2018Unexpected Particle Motions in Viscous Fluids Undergoing Oscillatory RotationAli Nadim (CGU)
Jan/31/2018Irrationality measure functionsNikolay Moshchevitin
Feb/07/2018Geometric Properties of Noncommutative Symmetric Spaces of Measurable Operators and Unitary Matrix Ideals Anna Kaminska (U of Memphis)
Feb/14/2018A Tribute to EulerBill Dunham (Bryn Mawr College)
Feb/21/2018In No Hurry to Deviate : Extensions of Bernstein's Lethargy TheoremAsuman Aksoy (CMC)
Feb/28/2018Certain Modern Ideas and Methods: A look at the history and philosophy of Charlotte Angas ScottJemma Lorenat (Pitzer College)
Mar/07/2018Rehumanizing Mathematics: Should That Be Our Goal?Rochelle Gutierrez (College of Education at U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Mar/21/2018Cylinders vs. Moebius Bands: How Can We See the Difference?Thomas Banchoff (Brown University)
Mar/28/2018When MATLAB Gives Wrong AnswersSteven Leon (Emeritus from UMass Dartmouth)
Apr/04/2018Special Values of L-Series in Positive CharacteristicMatthew Papanikolas (Texas A&M University)
Apr/10/2018Determinantal Point Processes and Some Matrix Recovery ProblemsJohn Urschel (Doctoral Candidate MIT)
Apr/11/2018An Exploration of Triangular-Square NumbersBerit N. Givens (Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
Apr/18/2018Intrinsic Complexity and its Scaling Law: From Approximation of Random Vectors and Random Fields to High Frequency WavesHongkai Zhao (UC Irvine)
Apr/25/2018A Lagrangian Vortex Method for Desktop Simulation of Rotor-blade FlowsAdrin Gharakhani
May/02/2018Fishing for Invasive Crayfish: Using Mathematical Modeling to Tip the Scales for Endangered California SpeciesCourtney Davis (Pepperdine)

Spring 2017 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Jan/18/2017Field committee meetingField Committee meeting (faculty)
Jan/25/2017Biquasiles and Dual Graph DiagramsSam Nelson
Feb/01/2017Constructing extremal lattices in Euclidean spacesLenny Fukshansky (CMC)
Feb/08/2017Sensing and Decision-Making in Animal SearchScott McKinley (Tulane)
Feb/15/2017Uniform Bounds of Families of TwistsBianca Thompson (HMC)
Feb/22/2017Random Matrices with Heavy-Tailed Entries: Tight Mean Estimators and ApplicationsStanislav Minsker (USC)
Mar/01/2017Canonical bases and related structuresJacob Greenstein (UC Riverside)
Mar/08/2017Totally geodesic submanifolds in Riemannian geometryThomas Murphy (CSU Fullerton)
Mar/22/2017Saving California Newts Two Models at a TimeCourtney Davis (Pepperdine University)
Mar/29/2017Repetitivity of patterns in mathematical quasicrystalsAlan Haynes (Univ. of Houston)
Apr/05/2017Averaging hyperbolic-type metricsZair Ibragimov (CSU Fullerton)
Apr/12/2017Modeling Diffusion and CaptureAlan Lindsay (Notre Dame)
Apr/19/2017Planar Algebras: Calculating with PicturesJames Tener (UCSB)
Apr/26/2017High Moments of L-functionsE. Mehmet Kiral (TAMU, MSRI)
May/03/2017Multi-scale Modeling in Biology and MedicineMark Alber (Notre Dame /UC Riverside)

Fall 2017 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Aug/30/2017Pre-colloquium partyTBA
Sep/06/2017Reactive Processes in Random MediaAndrej Zlatos (UCSD)
Sep/13/2017Student Poster SessionStudents of the Claremont Colleges
Sep/20/2017Prime numbers and their biasesStephan Garcia ( Pomona College )
Sep/27/2017Stochastic calculus of stem cellsNatalia Komarova (UCI)
Oct/04/2017Sewing Riemannian Manifolds with Positive Scalar CurvatureJorge Basilio(Pitzer)
Oct/11/2017Trust your gut: the physics and mathematics behind maintenance of the gastric pH gradient.Owen Lewis (U of Utah )
Oct/18/2017Etudes of Spectral TheoryVictor Ivrii (University of Toronto, visiting Caltech now)
Oct/25/2017Model Theory and Continuous Logic Victoria Noquez (HMC)
Nov/01/2017Mathematics and Interplanetary ExplorationEarl Maize (Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA)
Nov/08/2017A Moment Closure Technique for a Stochastic Predator-Prey ModelJenny Switkes (Cal Poly Pomona)
Nov/15/2017Bingo ParadoxesArt Benjamin (HMC)
Nov/29/2017An introduction to image processing, its applications, and the problem of imaging through optical turbulenceMario Micheli (HMC)
Dec/06/2017Exploiting Symmetries in Computations with Lattice PolytopesAchill Schürmann(University of Rostock)

Fall 2016 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Aug/31/2016Pre-colloquium Non-colloquium Party(none)
Sep/07/2016Codes, Curves, and Configurations of PointsNathan Kaplan (UCI)
Sep/14/2016Special Poster SessionVarious
Sep/21/2016Structured signal recovery without the shackles of convexityMahdi Soltanolkotabi (USC)
Sep/28/2016What is a formula?Igor Pak (UCLA)
Oct/05/2016Much Ado About Knot ThingsMatt Rathbun (Cal State Fullerton)
Oct/12/2016Finding Shape in DataBrittany Fasy (Montana St.U.)
Oct/19/2016Better together: Swarming, information and strange interactions.Lou Rossi (UDel)
Oct/26/2016The Battle for Cantorian Set TheoryJoseph Dauben (CUNY)
Nov/02/2016Reflecting Sequences and Universal Traversal Sequences for GraphsH. K. Dai (CMC)
Nov/09/2016How to roll a Fibonacci-sided dieMark Huber (CMC)
Nov/16/2016What is Mathematical Biology and is it useful?Avner Friedman(OSU)
Nov/30/2016Delay in the System: Oscillations caused by non-trivial response timeLauren Lazarus (HMC)
Dec/07/2016Knotting and linking in spatial graph embeddingsKenji Kozai (HMC)

Spring 2016 Math Colloquia

Fall 2015 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Sep/02/2015Post Colloquium, Non-Colloquium PartyN/A
Sep/09/2015For linear algebra lovers: Carathéodory's theorem and its relativesJesus De Loera (UC Davis)
Sep/16/2015Poster SessionStudents
Sep/23/2015The Intermediate Value Theorem and GeneralizationsAlfonso Castro (HMC)
Sep/30/2015Energy driven pattern formation: The good, the bad and the beautifulAndy Bernoff (Harvey Mudd College)
Oct/07/2015Biquandle BracketsSam Nelson (Claremont Mckenna College)
Oct/14/2015Linear Algebra as a Natural Language for Special Relativity and Its Paradoxes.John de Pillis (UC Riverside)
Oct/21/2015Nonstandard Methods in CombinatoricsMartino Lupini (Cal. Tech.)
Oct/28/2015TOPOLOGICAL SYMMETRY GROUPSErica Flapan (Pomona College)
Nov/04/2015On the Convexity of Neural CodesBill Kronholm (Whittier College)
Nov/11/2015Some faces of Compressed Sensing in applicationsTobias Bimbaum (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
Nov/18/2015Factoring Unfactorable PolynomialsDavid Eisenbud (UC Berkeley)
Dec/02/2015Some people have all the luck... or do they?Skip Garibaldi (CCR)
Dec/09/2015Knots, Surfaces, 3-manifolds, and the Kakimizu ComplexRobin Wilson (Cal Poly Pomona)

Spring 2015 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Jan/21/2015CCMS Field MeetingN/A
Jan/28/2015Multiple tilings of Euclidean space by translations of a convex objectSinai Robins, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Brown University
Feb/04/2015Decay properties of solutions to the Benjamin-Ono equationCynthia Flores, California State University, Channel Islands
Feb/11/2015Can Zombies Do Math? OR Humanism as a Philosophy of MathematicsGizem Karaali, Pomona College
Feb/18/2015Sandpiles and DominosDavid Perkinson, Reed College
Feb/25/2015Mathematics and Precision MedicineBob Palais, University of Utah
Mar/04/2015Action graphs and Catalan numbersJulie Bergner, University of California, Riverside
Mar/11/2015Through the luring graph and what analysts found thereYves Van Gennip, University of Nottingham
Mar/18/2015No Colloquium--Spring BreakN/A
Mar/25/2015Universal SpacesAsuman Aksoy, Claremont McKenna College
Apr/01/2015Counting faces on simplicial complexes: V-E+F and beyondSteven Klee, Seattle University
Apr/08/2015Clots or not? Mathematics making the invisible visibleAmi Radunskaya, Pomona College
Apr/15/2015Generalizations of Euler’s Theorem to MatricesBogdan Petrenko, Eastern Illinois University
Apr/22/2015Bringing Mathematical Creativity to the ForefrontGail Tang, University of La Verne
Apr/29/2015Towards a mathematical understanding of geometric clustering problemsRachel Ward, University of Texas, Austin

Spring 2014 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Jan/29/2014Supercharacters and their super powersStephan Garcia, Pomona College
Feb/05/2014 A Biologist and a Statistician Walked Into a Bar…Olcay Akman, Illinois State University
Feb/12/2014The Role of Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity in Neural Network Spiking Dynamics and in the Learning of Multiple Distal RewardsMichael O'Brien, Center for Neural and Emergent Systems, Hughes REsearch Laboratories, Malibu, CA
Feb/19/2014One size does not fit all! Surrogate species and the protection of endangered species and ecosystem servicesJohn E. Banks, University of Washington
Feb/26/2014Searching for rational points on varieties over global fieldsLenny Fukshansky, Claremont McKenna College
Mar/05/2014Statistics and Big Data at GoogleTim Hesterberg, Google
Mar/11/2014Banach function algebras and approximate identitiesH. G. Dales (Lancaster University)
Mar/12/2014Symmetry in Combinatorics & OptimizationMohamed Omar, Harvey Mudd College
Mar/19/2014No Program--Spring RecessSpring Recess-No Colloquium
Mar/26/2014The Mathematics of Life: Decisions, Decisions Jim Keener, University of Utah
Apr/02/2014Criticality and universality in interacting systemsGeoffrey Grimmett, Downing College, University of Cambridge
Apr/09/2014Counting Parking functions: A New BijectionAmanda Ruiz (HMC)
Apr/16/2014Spaces of Phylogenetic TreesSatyan Devadoss, Williams College
Apr/23/2014Protein Movement and Localization in the early C. elegans EmbryoAdriana Dawes, Ohio State University
Apr/29/2014Cube Complexes, 3-manifolds, and the Virtual Haken TheoremTimothy Hsu (San Jose State University)
Apr/30/2014Flexing the kinetochore muscle: Mathematical modeling of chromosome/microtubule connectionsBlerta Shtylla, Pomona College

Fall 2014 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Sep/03/2014Post Colloquium, Non-Colloquium PartyN/A
Sep/10/2014Stars and their DiscontentsShahriar Shahriari, Pomona College
Sep/17/2014Student Research Poster SessionMultiple
Sep/24/2014Vortex Patches: A Short HistoryJim Kelliher, University of California at Riverside
Oct/01/20143D Printing MathematicsDavid Bachman, Pitzer College
Oct/08/2014Determining What You Drank from What You SweatGary Rosen, University of Southern California
Oct/15/2014Voting in Agreeable SocietiesFrancis Su, Harvey Mudd College
Oct/22/2014Cutting up SpacesMatthew Stamps, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Oct/29/2014Topological Tools for the Real WorldJean-Luc Thiffeault, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Nov/05/2014Compressed sensing with support informationRayan Saab, University of California, San Diego
Nov/12/2014The Mathematics behind Bar CodesFadil Santosa, IMA, UMN
Nov/19/2014The neural ring: using algebraic geometry to analyze neural codesNora Youngs, Harvey Mudd College
Nov/26/2014No Colloquium--Thanksgiving BreakN/A
Dec/03/2014Geometry without PointsDana Scott, Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2013 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Sep/04/2013Post Colloquium, Non-Colloquium PartyN/A
Sep/11/2013It's All for the Best: Optimization in the History of ScienceJudith Grabiner, Pitzer college
Sep/18/2013CCMS Student Poster SessionClaremont College Students
Sep/25/2013Reflexivity of Banach lattices and C(K)-modulesMehmet Orhon, University of New Hampshire
Oct/02/2013Degenerate Diffusion in Heterogeneous MediaGuillermo Reyes, University of California, Irvine
Oct/09/2013Social Dynamics of InformationKristina Lerman, University of Southern California
Oct/16/2013The Mercurial Tale of Spherical TrigonometryGlen Van Brummelen, Quest University
Oct/23/2013Simultaneous Unitary Similarity and CongruenceRoger A. Horn, University of Utah
Oct/30/2013What's the cage size of an electron?Chris Marx, California Institute of Technology
Nov/06/2013Finite TilingsIgor Pak, University of California at Los Angeles
Nov/13/2013Spectral methods for analyzing large data sets using reweighted topic modelingBlake Hunter, University of California at Los Angeles
Nov/20/2013An Introduction to the Adaptive Finite Element MethodRyan S. Szypowski, Cal Poly, Pomona
Dec/04/2013Stochastic self-assembly and cluster distributions in biologyTom Chou, University of California, Los Angeles

Spring 2013 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Jan/30/2013Can you “hear” the shape of a radial Schrodinger operator?Ivan Ventura (The University of Arizona)
Feb/06/2013Local Symmetry in Wallpaper FunctionsFrank Farris, Santa Clara University
Feb/13/2013Subsolutions: A Journey from Positone to infinite Semipositone ProblemsRatnasingham Shivaji, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Feb/20/2013Stability of Solutions in a Population Model with Transgenic MosquitoesHubertus Von Bremen, Cal Poly Pomona
Feb/27/2013The Asymptotic Properties of random treesDouglas P. Rizzolo, University of Washington
Mar/06/2013An Introduction to Mathematical String TheoryDagan Karp, Harvey Mudd College
Mar/13/2013Do Drugs Reach their Target? A Regularized Stokeslets Model of Tumor Tissue PenetrationKasia Rejniak, Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute Mathematical Oncology Department, Tampa, FL
Mar/20/2013No Colloquium--Spring BreakNone
Mar/27/2013Towards the Next Generation of High-Frequency Trading ModelsHenry Schellhorn, Claremont Graduate University
Apr/03/2013Multisite Molecules and all-or-none Responses in Cellular CommunicationGerman Enciso, University of California, Irvine
Apr/10/2013Spaghetti Loops in a Chinese RestaurantNicholas Pippenger (Harvey Mudd College)
Apr/17/2013Unifying the Equations of Life: Time Scale Calculus and Evolutionary DynamicsDashiell Fryer (Pomona College)
Apr/24/2013Mobius Geometry of Ultrametric SpacesZair Ibragimov (California State University at Fullerton)
May/01/2013The Wandering Philosopher ProblemTyler Seacrest (University of Western Montana)

Fall 2012 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Sep/12/2012Active scalar equations and a geodynamo modelSusan Friedlander, University of Southern California
Sep/19/2012Student Poster SessionClaremont Center for Mathematical Sciences
Sep/26/2012Wave blocking in a model of an injured nerve fiberVictor Padron, Normandale College
Oct/03/2012User-Friendly Tail Bounds for Sums of Random MatricesJoel Tropp, California Institute of Technology
Oct/10/2012Diagrammatic CalculusRadmilla Sazdanovic, University of Pennsylvania
Oct/17/2012Seeking to Understand the Processes of Life Through MathematicsPeter Bates, Michigan State University
Oct/24/2012NO COLLOQUIUM--Fall BreakNone
Oct/31/2012On Convergence of Random Products of Mapping in Metric SpacesAmine Khamsi, University of Texas, El Paso
Nov/07/2012Breaking Bad: Fragmentation of Bacterial FlocsErin Byrne, Harvey Mudd College
Nov/14/2012The IVP for the k-genralized Korteweg-de Vries EquationGustavo Ponce, University of California, Santa Barbara
Nov/21/2012NO COLLOQUIUM--Thanksgiving BreakNone
Nov/28/2012Increased Regions of Stability for a Two-Delay Differential EquationJoseph Mahaffy (San Diego State University)
Dec/05/2012The Decimation Method for Laplacians on Self-Similar Fractals and Their Spectral Zeta FunctionsNishu Lal (Scripps College)

Spring 2012 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Jan/18/2012Gaps between primes and the Jumping Champion ProblemDan Goldston (San Jose State University)
Jan/25/2012Course Rotation Coordination MeetingClaremont Faculty
Feb/01/2012Induced matchings, arithmetic progressions and communicationBenny Sudakov (UCLA)
Feb/08/2012Binary linear feedback shift register sequencesSolomon Golomb (USC)
Feb/15/2012Reflections and braidsJon McCammond (UC Santa Barbara)
Feb/22/2012The legacy of Ramanujan's mock theta functions: Harmonic Maass forms in number theoryKen Ono (Emory Universtiy)
Feb/29/2012An efficient rearrangement algorithm for shape optimization problem involving principal eigenvalue in population dynamicsChiu-Yen Kao (CMC)
Mar/07/2012The ABC ConjectureJeffrey Vaaler (University of Texas at Austin)
Mar/21/2012An island dynamics model to describe strain induced ordering during heteroepitaxial growthChristian Ratsch (IPAM UCLA)
Mar/28/2012On Gap Conjecture for group growth and related topicsRostislav Grigorchuk (Texas A&M University)
Apr/04/2012Hermitian positivity of real polynomialsMihai Putinar (UC Santa Barbara)
Apr/11/2012Less is More: Robust image recovery via total variation minimizationDeanna Needell (CMC)
Apr/18/2012Geometric intuition in number theoryWolfgang Schmidt (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Apr/25/2012Eigenvalues of finite Toeplitz matricesEstelle Basor (American Institute of Mathematics)
May/02/2012Linear matrix inequalities and their limitationsJ. William Helton (UC San Diego)

Fall 2011 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Aug/31/2011Post-colloquium, non-colloquium party!!!Host: Ami Radunskaya (Pomona College)
Sep/07/2011Quartic curves and their bitangentsBernd Sturmfels (University of California at Berkeley)
Sep/14/2011Student Poster SessionClaremont students
Sep/21/2011The secret lives of polynomial identitiesBruce Reznick (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
Sep/28/2011Quantization and SuperizationGizem Karaali (Pomona College)
Oct/05/2011Extremizers for the Radon transform: a symmetric storyMichael Christ (University of California at Berkeley)
Oct/12/2011An invitation to Floer homologyKo Honda (University of Southern California)
Oct/19/2011Finite quantum chaosAudrey Terras (University of California at San Diego)
Oct/26/2011How not to write a mathematics textbookSheldon Axler (San Francisco State University)
Nov/02/2011Universal laws and architecturesJohn Doyle (California Institute of Technology)
Nov/09/2011Stochasticity in Circadian ClocksLinda Petzold (University of California at Santa Barbara)
Nov/16/2011Infinite groupsEfim Zelmanov (University of California at San Diego)
Nov/30/2011Natural boundaries and spectral theoryBarry Simon (California Institute of Technology)
Dec/07/2011Quasiconformal geometry of fractalsMario Bonk (University of California at Los Angeles)

Spring 2011 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Jan/26/2011Improved Approximation Algorithms for the Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree ProblemAaron Archer (AT&T Shannon Research Laboratory)
Feb/02/2011State sum models and homological invariantsAdam Lowrance (University of Iowa)
Feb/09/2011Algebraic Topology chases Machine Learning around the Penrose Impossible TriangleVin de Silva (Pomona College)
Feb/16/2011Black-Hole Binaries: Observing, Visualizing, and Understanding Strongly Curved, Dynamical SpacetimeDavid Nichols (CMC ’06/Theoretical Astrophysics, California Institute of Technology/W.M. Keck Science Center, Claremont Colleges)
Feb/23/2011Numerical Simulations of an Immune ResponseTimothy Lucas (Pepperdine University)
Mar/02/2011Low dimensional embedding with compressed, incomplete and inaccurate measurementsBlake Hunter (University of California, Davis)
Mar/09/2011A Mathematical Model of Gang Rivalry Formation in L.A.Alethea Barbaro (UCLA)
Mar/23/2011Free Knots and Irreducibly Odd GraphsAllison Henrich (Seattle University)
Mar/30/2011In the shadow of DesarguesAnnalisa Crannell (Franklin & Marshall College)
Apr/06/2011Tilings, tiling spaces and hierarchyLorenzo Sadun (University of Texas at Austin)
Apr/13/2011Flippin' and Floppin' through Dream SpacesJohn Levitt (Occidental College)
Apr/20/2011Reconstructing DNA Copy Number by Penalized Estimation and ImputationChiara Sabatti (UCLA)
Apr/27/2011The Mathematics of Bargaining Theory in the CloudEric Friedman (Cornell University)
Jul/07/2011Pretend seminarJeho Park (HMC)

Fall 2010 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Sep/01/2010Non-Colloquium Colloquium PartyAll Claremont Mathematics Faculty
Sep/08/2010An introduction to problems in bicomplex analysisDana Clahane Fullerton College
Sep/15/2010REBMI RESEARCH EXPERIENCES at the BIOLOGY-MATHEMATICS INTERFACE and CCMS CLAREMONT CENTER for MATHEMATICAL SCIENCESStudent Poster Session Research in the Mathematical Sciences Summer 2010 - Hosted by John Milton Joint Sciences
Sep/22/2010Everything is a number, but what is a number? Philolaus and PythagoreansRichard McKirahan Pomona College
Sep/29/2010Deterministic and Stochastic Population ModelsRandall Swift California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Oct/06/2010Nonconvex optimization for image reconstructionRick Chartrand Los Alamos National Laboratory
Oct/13/2010Frobenius Integration Theorem for Mirror DesignEmek Kose Can Loyola Marymount University
Oct/20/2010Elliptic problems with nonlinear boundary conditionsRosa Pardo Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Oct/27/2010Empirical Processes, VC classes and drumsGabriel Chandler, Pomona College
Nov/03/2010Hidden Symmetries in Everyday OperatorsStephan Garcia Pomona College
Nov/10/2010Turning the Tide: Findings and Implications of the MAAP StudyStacy Brown Pitzer College
Dec/01/2010Randomly choosing 3-dimensional manifoldsHelen Wong (Carleton College)

Spring 2010 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Jan/27/2010Ennio De Giorgi (1928-1996): A profile of an outstanding mathematician of the 20th centuryProf. Alfonso Vignoli, Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Roma Due, Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy
Feb/03/2010Arbitrage-free Pricing and Optimal InvestmentDavid German, Claremont McKenna College
Feb/10/2010On the Rate of Best ApproximationProfessor Timur Oikhberg, University of California Irvine
Feb/17/2010Dating the Demise of the DinosaursSteve C. Wang, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Swarthmore College
Feb/24/2010Topological Symmetries of Molecules Erica Flapan, Pomona College
Mar/03/2010Robot Motion PlanningSatyan Devadoss, Williams College (on sabbatical at UC Berkeley)
Mar/10/2010Regularity, singularity and well-posedness of some mathematical models in physicsSaleh Tanveer, Ohio State University
Mar/17/2010Spring BreakNo Speakers
Mar/24/2010Elementary modular representation theoryEric M. Friedlander, USC
Mar/31/2010Frechet Algebras of Power SeriesH.G. Dales University of Leeds, UK
Apr/07/2010Mirror Symmetry Through Reflexive PolytopesUrsula Whitcher Harvey Mudd College
Apr/14/2010Invariants of knots from quandle cohomologyMohamed Elhamdadi (University of South Florida)
Apr/21/2010Numerical methods for differential equations as a mathematical scienceJohn Butcher (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Apr/28/2010Combinatorial Geodesics in Triangle-Square ComplexesRena Levitt, Pomona College

Fall 2009 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Sep/09/2009The Combinatorial Revolution in Knot TheorySam Nelson Claremont McKenna College
Sep/16/2009Poster Session Claremont Colleges' Math Students - Summer 2009REBMI and CCMS sponsors
Sep/23/2009Alvin White and Humanistic MathematicsReuben Hersh University of New Mexico
Sep/30/2009The Game of Life (and Sudden Death): Predicting Cardiac Instabilties at Multiple Scales with Nonlinear Stochastic ModelsRobert Rovetti Loyola Marymount University
Oct/07/2009Between Compactness and CompletenessGerald Beer, California State University, Los Angeles
Oct/14/2009An Introduction to Geometric Data Analysis and its Possible ApplicationsJen-Mei Chang, Professor, Cal State Long Beach
Oct/21/2009Who's Mining the Text?Ashish Bhan, CGU Math and Keck Graduate Institute
Oct/28/2009An Introduction to Surface Tension (Or Why Raindrops are Spherical)Andy Bernoff, Chair Harvey Mudd College
Nov/04/2009Reflexive Polygons, Complex Tori, and Elliptic CurvesCharles Doran University of Alberta and University of Washington
Nov/11/2009Extremal Graph Theory and its ApplicationsProfessor Benjamin Sudakov, UCLA
Nov/18/2009Better numerical integration through randomnessMark Huber, Claremont McKenna College
Nov/25/2009No Colloquium TonightNo Colloquium
Dec/02/2009Generating Functions, Algorithms, and the Two Stamp ProblemKevin Woods, Oberlin College
Dec/09/2009Maximal functions, the modified Bellman technique, and Muckenhoupt weightsWinston Ou, Scripps College

Spring 2008 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Jan/30/2008Phase Models with Time DelaySue Ann Campbell (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Feb/13/2008TBACarlos Castillo-Chavez
Feb/20/2008TBASusan Martonosi
Feb/27/2008TBAHarish Bhat
Mar/05/2008#CANCELLED# The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot SetRobert Devaney (Boston University)
Mar/12/2008TBARoss William
Mar/26/2008The Mathematics of the Bluegrass BanjoJoti Rockwell (Pomona College, Music Department)
Apr/02/2008Peaks, Passes and Pits: From Topography to Topology via Quantum MechanicsJohn Roe (Penn State University, University Park in PA)
Apr/09/2008Combinatorial Reciprocity TheoremsMathias Beck (San Francisco State University)
Apr/16/2008Mathematical insights into phage therapy: Using phages to combat bacterial infections.Hal Smith (Arizona State University)
Apr/23/2008TBAYang Kuang
Apr/30/2008TBAMichael Shearer
May/07/2008TBAMario Martelli

Fall 2007 Math Colloquia

Date:sort iconTitle:Speakers:
Sep/12/2007Critical points and solvability of boundary value problems Dr. Alfonso Castro (Chair, Harvey Mudd College Math Department)
Sep/17/2007The backward shift on Dirichlet-type spacesStephan Garcia (Pomona College)
Sep/19/2007Why Did Lagrange Prove the Parallel Postulate?Dr. Judith Grabiner (Pitzer College)
Sep/26/2007Optimization of a delay-differential model of the immune response to cancer vaccinesDr. Ami Radunskaya ( Pomona College )
Oct/03/2007The Impact of Ballistics on MathematicsDr. Shawn McMurran (California State University, San Bernardino)
Oct/10/2007How mathematics departments can improve prospective teachers' mathematical content knowledge for teachingDr. Stacy Brown (Pitzer and Claremont McKenna Colleges)
Oct/17/2007Recent Insights into A^{\infty} and the Jones Factorization TheoremDr. Winston Ou (Scripps College)
Oct/31/2007Scary boundaries and harmonic measuresDr. Michael O'Neill (Claremont McKenna College)
Nov/07/2007Sphere Packing, Lattices, and Epstein zeta functionLenny Fukshansky, Claremont McKenna College
Nov/14/2007Compressive SamplingProf. Emmanuel Candes, California Institute of Technology
Nov/19/2007Banach Algebras of continuous functions and measures, and their second duals H.G. Dales (Leeds College, UK)
Nov/28/2007Beaucoup de Sudoku Michael Krebs (California State University, Los Angeles)