Recent Insights into A^{\infty} and the Jones Factorization Theorem

Start: 10/17/2007 - 3:00pm
End  : 10/17/2007 - 6:00pm


Dr. Winston Ou (Scripps College)


The theory of the structure of $ A^{\infty} $ weights, which reached a peak in the 1980 with the eponymous "factorization theorem'' of Peter Jones, is by now no longer young. Yet despite its middle age, it is still capable of some aesthetically satisfying surprises. We will present a brief introduction to the theory and describe how some recent insights have simplified our understanding of the later refinement (Cruz-Uribe-Neugebauer, 1995) of Jones's result to simultaneously incorporate "reverse Hölder'' class information.

Millikan 134, Pomona College

Misc. Information

Coffee & cookies at 4:00 p.m. @ Harry Mullikin Room, Millikan 209
The dinner will be hosted by Prof. Erica Flapan right after the talk.
If interested in attending, call Ext. 18711.