Professor Lisette de Pillis (HMC) named Goeppert-Mayer Argonne Distinguished Scholar

April 1999

Lisette dePillis, associate professor of mathematics, has recently been named the Year 2000 Maria Goeppert-Mayer (MGM) Argonne Distinguished Scholar. She will be conducting research in parallel computational mathematics for the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois during 1999–2000.

The Maria Goeppert-Mayer award recognizes outstanding achievements by women scientists and engineers and provides them with opportunities to conduct research at the Argonne National Laboratory. DePillis is only the second MGM scholar to be selected to study in the mathematics and computer science division and the first in four years.

Other MGM scholars have come from Cornell University; UC Berkeley; Duke University; Rutgers; the Russian Academy of Sciences; and the Boris Kidric Institute of Nuclear Science, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. DePillis is the first researcher to come from an undergraduate institution.

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