Free MathWorks MATLAB Seminar on HMC Campus

04/22/2011 - 9:00am
04/22/2011 - 12:00pm

Harvey Mudd College will hold a free on-site MATLAB seminar led by MathWorks application engineers on Friday, April 22 in the Sprague Learning Studio Classroom (the first floor of Sprague Building formerly known as Sprague Library). The seminar will be about advanced MATLAB programming techniques (Session 1: 9 to 10:30 am) and Parallel Computing Toolbox (Session 2: 10:45 am to noon). Registration is recommended:

Details follow bellow:

Advanced MATLAB Programming and Parallel Computing Toolbox by MathWorks


- Session 1: 9am-10:30am

  • Advanced Programming Techniques in MATLAB: In this session you will gain an understanding of how different MATLAB data types are stored in memory and how you can program in MATLAB to use memory efficiently. In recent versions, MATLAB introduced several new programming concepts, including new function types. We will illustrate and explore the usage and benefits of the various function types under different conditions. You will learn how using the right function type can lead to more robust and maintainable code. Demonstrations will show you how to apply these techniques to problems that arise in typical applications.

    Highlights include:
    • Memory handling in MATLAB
    • Addressing bottlenecks
    • Various function types

- Break: 10:30-10:45 (Light snacks & refreshments)

- Session 2: 10:45am-12pm

  • Parallel Computing with MATLAB: In this session, you will learn how to solve computationally and data-intensive problems using multicore processors and computer clusters. We will introduce you to high-level programming constructs that allow you to parallelize your applications to boost execution speed. We will show you how to overcome the memory limits of your desktop computer and solve problems that require manipulating very large matrices by distributing your data. We will also illustrate how you can run the same application on a single machine using the Parallel Computing Toolbox and on a large scale computing resource such as a cluster, using the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server.

    This session will cover:
    • Toolboxes with built-in support for parallel computing
    • Creating parallel applications to speed up independent tasks
    • Programming with distributed arrays to work with large data sets
    • Scaling up to computer clusters, grid environments or clouds.
    • Tips on developing parallel algorithms

Registration recommended:

Contact Jeho Park via email @ jeho_park at hmc dot edu or via phone 909) 607-9023 for more info.

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