Beaucoup de Sudoku

Start: 11/28/2007 - 3:15pm
End  : 11/28/2007 - 4:15pm


Michael Krebs (California State University, Los Angeles)


In this talk I plan to apply the ideas of the paper Groups and mini-Sudokus to the problem of deciding when two mini-Sudokus are essentially the same. Along the way, we may use Lagrange's theorem, equivalence relations, the Burnside's lemma, as well as the ubiquitous technique of finding invariants that distinguish equivalence classes of objects.

Millikan 134 Pomona College

Misc. Information

Coffee & cookies at 4:00 p.m.
Wine and cheese after the talk.
Harry Mullikin Room, Millikan 209

The dinner will be hosted by Art Benjamin
If interested in attending, call Ext. 18688

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