A multi-scale computational frame work to study cell and tissue mechanics

Start: 01/22/2018 - 4:15pm
End  : 01/22/2018 - 5:15pm

Applied Math Seminar

Ali Nematbakhsh (UC Riverside)


 How individual cells coordinate tissue-scale processes is still poorly understood topic due to the inherent complexity of emergent tissue level behavior of cells. Recent studies have shown that besides chemical signaling, mechanical interaction between cells also plays a major role in this regard. Testing hypothetical novel biophysical mechanisms across spatial scales require computational models that can span subcellular to tissue levels. However, the task of including detailed descriptions of mechanical interactions between cells including cytoplasm, membrane, cortical stiffness and cell-cell adhesion is challenging due to the prohibitively high computational costs and complexity of intercellular mechanical interaction. In here, we have developed a multi-scale modeling environment called Epi-Scale for simulating cell and tissue mechanics based on the Subcellular Element (SCE) modeling approach. Computational implementation of the model is based on an efficient parallelization algorithm that utilizes Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) for simulating large numbers of cells within a reasonable computational time. As a demonstration of the predictive power of the model, epithelial cells growth and division during development are simulated and polygon class distribution of cells is compared with experimental data. Furthermore, regulation of mechanical properties of cells during mitotic rounding is simulated and contribution of each mechanical property on the expansion and roundness of the cells before division of cells is quantified. It has been shown the mitotic area expansion is largely driven by regulation of cytoplasmic pressure. While, mitotic shape roundness is most sensitive to variation in cell-cell adhesivity and cortical stiffness of cells.

Emmy Noether Rm, Millikan 1021, Pomona College

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