Cohomology and support varieties for restricted Lie superalgebras

02/01/2011 - 12:15pm
02/01/2011 - 1:10pm
Irfan Bagci (UC Riverside)

Support varieties or cohomological varieties have been introduced into representation theory almost 30 years ago and  they provide an interesting bridge between representation theory and commutative algebra. These varieties were first defined for modules over finite groups by Carlson in the early 1980's and have been a key to learning more about the representation theory of finite groups. The theory of support varieties was later extended to the  restricted Lie algebras by Friedlander and Parshall.   In this talk we will show that the work of Friedlander and Parshall generalizes to restricted  Lie superalgebras.  The talk will be at elementary level and lots of examples will be provided.

Millikan 208 (Pomona College)

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