Analysis Seminar

This seminar serves as a forum for research and expository talks in analysis and related areas by members of the Claremont Colleges mathematical community, their guests, and visitors. The topics of the seminar include (but are not limited to) real, complex , and functional analysis, differential equations (ODEs and PDEs), dynamical systems, analytic number theory, differential and analytic geometry, approximation theory, applied analytical problems, etc. In other words, we welcome any topics that are in any way related to analysis. Please let us know if you would like to give a talk.

Time: Mondays from 3:00-4:00 PM

Place: Davidson Lecture Hall, CMC.

For more information about the Seminar, or to suggest speakers, contact Asuman Aksoy at

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Spring 2013 Analysis Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
May/02/2013CANCELLEDRobert Sacker, University of Southern California

Fall 2012 Analysis Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Nov/05/2012Finitely-generated maximal left ideals in Banach algebrasH.G. Dales, University of Lancaster, UK

Spring 2012 Analysis Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Apr/30/2012Numerical range of contractions with finite defect numbersDan Timotin
Apr/23/2012From the linking number to the Kontsevich IntegralSam Nelson, Claremont McKenna College
Apr/16/2012Coincidence Degree: Construction and an ApplicationAdolfo Rumbos, Pomona College
Apr/02/2012Constructing Product MeasuresSandy Grabiner
Mar/26/2012Body weight, diet, and exercise: A dynamic energy balance approachDiana Thomas, PhD, Montclair State University, New Jersey
Mar/19/2012No Meetingn/a
Mar/05/2012Truncated Toeplitz operators as a model?Elizabeth Strouse, University of Bordeaux, France
Feb/27/2012On zeta-function of well-rounded lattices in the planeLenny Fukshansky, Claremont McKenna College
Feb/20/2012Stochastic HorseshoesAmi Radunskaya, Pomona College
Feb/13/2012Approximate identities in approximate amenabilityF. Ghahramani, University of Manitoba, Canada
Feb/06/2012Learning functions on data defined on manifoldsH.N. Mhaskar, California State University, Los Angeles and California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
Jan/30/2012Some new function spacesKatsuo Matsuoka, Nihon University, Japan
Jan/23/2012Hyperbolization of HyperspacesZair Ibragimov, California State University at Fullerton
Jan/17/2012Injectivity of the modules Lp (G)H.G. Dales

Fall 2011 Analysis Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Dec/02/2011On a problem of Halmos: Unitary equivalence of a matrix to its transposeStephan Garcia
Nov/18/2011Sharp Inequalities and the Colloquium of ChristMichael O'Neill
Oct/28/2011When is a variety a quotient of a smooth variety by a finite group?Marta Asaeda, UC Riverside
Oct/14/2011Projections with respect to various normsAsuma Aksoy (Claremont McKenna College)
Sep/30/2011Irregularity of Distributions and Multiparameter WeightsWinston Ou (Scripps College)

Spring 2011 Analysis Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Mar/24/2011Analyzing Dynamical Systems with Computational TopologyPrimoz Skraba
Mar/24/2011Analyzing Dynamical Systems with Computational TopologyPrimoz Skraba (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana)
Mar/03/2011Some Cohomological aspects of the Banach Fixed Point PrincipleLudvik Janos

Fall 2008 Analysis Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Nov/15/2008 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS SEMINAR - Two LecturesGreg Knese, UC Irvine and Herbert Heyer, Tuebingen, GERMANY

Spring 2008 Analysis Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Mar/24/2008On uniform distribution of some oscillating sequencesGrigori Kolesnik (California State University at Los Angeles)
Mar/10/2008Cyclic and common cyclic vectors for unitary operatorsBill Ross (University of Richmond)
Feb/04/2008Bifurcation Theory and applications to Boundary Value ProblemsMario Martelli (Claremont McKenna College)