Service and Diversity Activities


CCMS will provide services to the Claremont community such as

  • a clearing-house for the flow of information, including a web site listing items such as the math colloquium and seminars, job listings, other news, etc.
  • central consulting services for statistics and math software (staffed by students).
  • a central location for undergraduate/graduate student forums, speakers and events.
  • an archival service for colloquia and other presentations such as senior theses, project final reports, etc. Publishing math articles already exists on campus (“google” the Claremont Colleges Digital Library) and will be expanded.
  • developing a Shared-Teaching-Research-Equipment User Facility by purchasing
    -- Software (such as Mathematica, COMSOL, Spline tool box)
    -- Hardware (high quality color printer, high speed graphic computers etc)
    -- Mathematics teaching tools, and a library of mathematics reference books

       The pursuit of faculty members and students of diversity is a goal of all the Claremont Colleges; this goal extends to each of the math programs as well, particularly since nation-wide statistical data indicates that minority faculty and students remain underrepresented in the field of mathematics. [read more >>]

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