Areas of Concentration: Mathematics in Industry

Mathematics in Industry.(Click here to see involved faculty) Claremont is known world-wide for its Math Clinic program which has been operating since 1973.  The Mathematics Clinic Program offers students and faculty an opportunity to develop, on campus, the modeling and analysis tools necessary to solve real-world problems under conditions approximating an industrial setting. The Clinic concept originated at the HMC Engineering department in the late 1960’s. This was followed a few years later by Mathematics Clinics at the HMC and CGU Mathematics Departments, and in the 1990’s by Computer Clinic programs in the HMC Computer Science and Physics departments. Each Clinic project is a year-long course whose subject matter is an unsolved problem that arises in industry, business, or government. To make the Clinic program both a feasible and realistic experience, problems are considered only if the sponsor provides some expert in-house consulting, and pays a fee to share the cost of the program. In return, the college, in a legal agreement with the sponsor, promises the performance of a certain amount of work on the problem and delivery of professional-level written and oral reports. These contractual commitments and the direct interest of the industrial consultant add to the realism of the experience for both students and supervising faculty.  For more on the math clinic program, visit the website or the website

CCMS will not compete with the long-established Math Clinics at HMC and CGU, but will only pursue initiatives that enhance these programs. For example, when a Clinic project ends, student team members depart for graduate school or industry, and work on the project effectively stops. However, the sponsor may want to continue work on that project and this could be done as a CCMS sponsored research project.

In 1968, Oxford University originated Math in Industry Study Groups where researchers from industry were invited to a week-long session to present current technical problems to specialists from the academic community.  After a week of brainstorming, useful contacts were made between industrial researchers and academics to work together as needed.  These Math In Industry Study Groups have been held throughout the world and in particular, at the Claremont Colleges.  For more information visit the website http//

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