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Spring 2018 Applied Math Seminars

Fall 2017 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Sep/04/2017organizational discussionTBA
Sep/11/2017What spatial statistical model is best for predicting fisheries by catch risk?Brian Stock (HMC Math Bio '09; UC San Diego)
Sep/18/2017RNA Interactions - a PDE StoryMaryann Hohn (UCSD)
Sep/21/2017Machine Learning in the Web WorldAlpan Raval (CGU, Keck Graduate Institute)
Oct/09/2017Streaming t-SNEMariam Salloum (CMC)
Oct/23/2017Numerical Methods for Reaction-Diffusion Equations and the Application in Computational BiologyWeitao Chen (UCR)
Oct/30/2017Sparse Additive ModelingProf. Noah Simon (Department of Biostatistics, University of Washington)
Nov/13/2017The Fast Radial Basis Functions Orthogonal Gradients (RBF-OGr) method for solving PDEs on arbitrary surfacesCecile Piret (Michigan Tech University)
Nov/27/2017Chaos expansion and SPDEs. Sergey Vladimir Lototsky (USC)
Dec/04/2017Aluminum-doped nano-layered metamaterials with hyperbolic dispersion for ultrafast light control on nanoscaleProf. Lyuba Kuznetsova (Department of Physics, SDSU)

Fall 2016 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Sep/05/2016Mathematical model of cardiovascular system Marina Chugunova (CGU)
Sep/26/2016Discontinuous Galerkin methods for the shallow water equationsYulong Xing (UC Riverside)
Oct/10/2016Stochastic Modeling and Inference with Multi-type Branching ProcessesJason Xu (UCLA)
Oct/24/2016dfnWorks A discrete fracture network workflow: Foundations and ApplicationsJeffrey Hyman (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Nov/14/2016Finding All Successive Minimal Maximum Subsequences in ParallelHo-Kwak Dai (CMC; Oklahoma State University)
Nov/28/2016Deep Learning Meets Matrix FactorizationsBlake Hunter (CMC)
Dec/05/2016100 years of Weyl's lawVictor Ivrii (University of Toronto)

Spring 2016 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Feb/01/2016A Strong Law and a Law of the Single Logarithm for Arrays of Row-wise Independent Random VariablesTien-Chung Hu (Department of Mathematics, National Tsing Hua University )
Feb/08/2016Data-driven signal decomposition into primary building blocksCharles K. Chui (Department of Statistics, Stanford University)
Feb/15/2016The fluid dynamics of jellyfish swimming and feedingLaura Miller (UNC)
Feb/22/2016Adaptive Finite Element Method for PDEs on SurfacesRyan S. Szypowski (Cal Poly, Pomona)
Feb/29/2016An estimate for the probability of heads on a coin whose relative error is independent of the true valueMark Huber (Claremont McKenna College)
Mar/07/2016Multiphase flow modeling of cell adhesion and migrationDamir Khismatullin (Biomedical Engineering, Tulane U.)
Mar/21/2016Different DifferencesRon Buckmire (Occidental College)
Apr/04/2016Verblunsky Coefficients (and Related Ideas)Angel Chavez (Pomona College)
Apr/11/2016Viscosity Solutions of Path Dependent PDEsJianfeng Zhang (USC)
Apr/25/2016CFD Simulations and Particulate Deposition Before and After Intervention in Patient with Tracheal StenosisShahab Taherian (California State University, Long Beach)
May/02/2016Representation Theorems of R-trees and Brownian motions indexed by R-treesQidi Peng (CGU)

Fall 2015 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Sep/21/2015On a "Lethargic" TheoremAsuman Aksoy (Claremont McKenna College)
Sep/28/2015Optimal control for chemotherapy schedulingMinaya Villasana (Universidad Simón Bolívar)
Oct/05/2015Modeling Electrical Capacitance Tomography with Complete Electrode ModelWeifu Fang (Mathematics and Statistics, Wright State University)
Oct/12/2015Constrained Adaptive Sensing Tina Woolf (CGU)
Oct/26/2015Optimization problems on planar lattice transmitter networksLenny Fukshansky (CMC)
Nov/09/2015Topological data analysis for investigation of dynamics and networksHeather Harrington (Oxford University)
Nov/23/2015Incorporating Sustainability into Mathematics CoursesVictor J. Donnay (Bryn Mawr College)
Dec/07/2015Graph Expansion and its Relationship with Probability and GeometryAngelica Gonzalez (University of Arizona)

Spring 2015 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Jan/26/2015Mathematical models of incompressible viscoelastic mediaV. V. Pukhnachev (Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics, Siberian Division of RAS, and Novosibirsk State University)
Feb/02/2015Actin polymerization and subcellular mechanics drive nonlocal excitable waves in living cellsJun Allard (University of California, Irvine)
Feb/04/2015Recovery from Linear Measurements via Denoising and Approximate Message PassingDror Baron (NC State)
Feb/17/2015Local convergence of an algorithm for subspace identification with missing dataLaura Balzano (U of Michigan)
Feb/19/2015Modeling Portfolios that Contain Risky AssetsC. David Levermore (University of Maryland)
Mar/02/2015Atomistic Nanoscale Device Simulation and Its Compact Circuit ModelingShigeyasu Uno (Ritsumeikan University)
Mar/09/2015Voronoi set approximationRaphael Lachieze-Rey (Paris Descartes University)
Mar/20/2015Broad Band Solitons in a Periodic and Nonlinear Maxwell SystemDmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University)
Mar/30/2015Graph representatives of positroid strataPuck Rombach (UCLA)
Apr/06/2015Evolution of dispersal in heterogeneous landscapeYuan Lou (The Ohio State University)
Apr/20/2015On Nonlocal Dispersal Evolution EquationsWenxian Shen (Auburn University)
Apr/24/2015Nonlinear Diffusions of Image ProcessingPatrick Guidotti (UC Irvine)
Apr/27/2015Compressed Modes and Localized Density MatricesRongjie Lai (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Apr/30/2015Polarization Based Phase Retrieval for Time-Frequency Structured MeasurementsPalina Salanevich
May/04/2015Geometric methods for graph partitioning Braxton Osting (University of Utah)
Jun/24/2015Lecture 1: Applications of Stampacchia's Lemma in qualitative analysis of solutions for elliptic PDEs.Professor Roman Taranets (UCLA)
Jun/25/2015Lecture 2. Finite speed support propagation of solutions for nonlinear parabolic equations.Professor Roman Taranets (UCLA)
Jun/26/2015Lecture 3. Waiting time phenomenon of interface for nonlinear parabolic equations.Professor Roman Taranets (UCLA)

Fall 2014 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Sep/10/2014Organizational MeetingMultiple (Claremont Colleges)
Sep/22/2014Of Mice and Math: a link from the lab to clinicProfessor Ami Radunskaya (Pomona College)
Oct/09/2014Pathogen evolution in switching environments: a hybrid dynamical system approachPeter Hinow (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
Oct/13/2014Modeling Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Infection: Virus Dynamics, Immune Control and EscapeElissa J. Schwartz (Washington State University)
Oct/27/2014Building predictive models from a terabyte of neurologic data: an application to persuasive narrativesPaul Zak and Jorge Barraza (Claremont Graduate University)
Nov/03/2014The neural ring: using algebraic geometry to analyze neural codesNora Youngs (Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College)
Nov/10/2014Active water vapor absorption in the mealworm Tenebrio molitor: modeling water and ion fluxes Jonathan Wright (Biology, Pomona College)
Nov/17/2014Conductivity imaging from minimal interior measurements and weighted least gradient problemsAmir Moradifam (UC Riverside)
Dec/01/2014Fast integral-equation based solutions of the Laplace eigenvalue problems with mixed boundary conditionsEldar Akhmetgaliyev (Caltech)
Dec/15/2014COMPLEXITIES of a SIMPLE(-LOOKING) ODEEllis Cumberbatch (CGU)

Spring 2014 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Feb/12/2014Global Controlled DynamicsMakis Kappos (Department of Mathematics, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey)
Feb/26/2014Mathematical Models of Bacterial Track-Altering MotorsBlerta Shtylla (Pomona College)
Mar/26/2014The Remarkable Life of a Bouncing DropletDavid Chappell (University of La Verne)
Apr/02/2014Mathematical Models of Immune Memory and VaccinationCourtney Davis (Pepperdine University)
Apr/16/2014Singular Perturbation Analysis of a Turning Point ProblemLindsay Skinner (UW Milwaukee, Emeritus)
Apr/30/2014Effects of emotion in swarming dynamicsJesús Rosado (UCLA)

Fall 2013 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Sep/04/2013Learning Structured Dictionaries for Manifold-type Data based on a Geometric Multi-Resolution AnalysisGuangliang Chen (CMC)
Sep/18/2013Faster approximation of high dimensional integrals with Monte CarloMark Huber (CMC)
Oct/02/2013A geometric theory of convex demixingMike McCoy (Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Caltech)
Oct/16/2013Domain decomposition method for image denosing and image deblurringXu Jing (Zhejiang Gongshang University, Currently she is visiting UCLA)
Oct/23/2013Central Schemes: a Powerful Black-Box-Solver for Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDEsAlexander Kurganov (Tulane University)
Oct/30/2013Finite-time blow up and long-wave unstable thin-film equationsMarina Chugunova (CGU)
Nov/13/2013Standard finite difference discretizations of the elliptic Monge-Ampere equationGerard Awanou (University of Illinois, Chicago)
Nov/20/2013K-mappings and regression treesYi Grace Wang (Duke University)
Dec/04/2013Getting a Grip on Network DelaysAlmut Burchard (University of Toronto)

Spring 2013 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Jan/23/2013Exploring Ground States and Excited States of Spin-1 Bose-Einstein CondensatesI-Liang Chern (National Taiwan University)
Jan/30/2013Mathematical Modeling of LanguageJacquelyn Rische (UC Irvine)
Feb/06/2013Machine learning, Balance cut and Total variationThomas Boris Laurent (UC Riverside)
Feb/13/2013Modeling and Computation of Cell BiologyChing-Shan Chou (The Ohio State University)
Feb/20/2013Time-scale Lyapunov functions for Incentive Dynamics on Riemannian GeometriesDashiell Fryer (Pomona College)
Mar/06/2013Large Deviations and Importance Sampling for a Feed-forward NetworkLeila Setayeshgar (USC Dornsife)
Mar/13/2013Combinatorial Pooling Enables Selective Sequencing of the Barley Gene SpaceDenise Duma (Computer Science, University of California Riverside)
Mar/27/2013Bounded solutions to the 2D Euler equationsJim Kelliher (UC-Reverside)
Apr/03/2013Spectral Clustering with Epidemic DiffusionLaura Smith (USC Information Sciences Institute)
Apr/10/2013Stochastic Dynamics in Signal Transduction and Developmental PatterningQing Nie (Departments of Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering Center for Mathematical and Computational Biology Center for Complex Biological Systems University of California Irvine)
Apr/24/2013Data Driven Models of Pathogen Competition in Gypsy Moth PopulationsEli Goldwyn (UC Davis)
May/08/2013One-bit matrix completionMark A. Davenport (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Spring 2012 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Jan/18/2012From swarming and self-assembly to vortex interaction: Applications of nonlocal PDEDavid Uminsky (UCLA)
Jan/25/2012Modeling drug kinetics in slow-release tablets: mathematical approaches and challengesAmi Radunskaya, Pomona College
Jan/26/2012Graphical models for sparse estimation and neuroscienceAlyson Fletcher (University of California, Berkeley)
Feb/01/2012Math modeling challenges for the nanowire transistorShigeyasu Uno (Department of Photonics, College of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University Japan)
Feb/08/2012Self-Intersections of Two-Dimensional Equilateral Random WalksNicholas Pippenger, HMC
Feb/15/2012In the beginning was Green... Pablo Amster (University of Buenos Aires)
Feb/22/2012Coincidence Degree Theory and Semilinear Problems at ResonanceAdolfo Rumbos, Pomona College
Mar/07/2012Dynamics of particle-laden, thin-film flowAliki Mavromoustaki (UCLA)
Mar/21/2012A Primer of Swarm EquilibriaAndrew Bernoff (HMC)
Mar/26/2012Body weight, diet, and exercise: A dynamic energy balance approachDiana Thomas, PhD, Montclair State University, New Jersey
Mar/28/2012Two-phase Flow in Porous Media: Sharp Fronts and the Saffman-Taylor InstabilityMichael Shearer (NCSU)
Apr/11/2012Parabolic Classical and Path-Dependent Partial Differential Equations: Stochastic MethodsHenry Schellhorn, CGU
Apr/18/2012Image Analysis in Vision Research Exploring Presbyopia Kathryn Richdale (SUNY College of Optometry)
Apr/25/2012From flocking to phase transitions: the mathematics of social dynamicsAlethea Barbaro (University of California, Los Angeles)
May/02/2012Feedback, Lineages and CancerJohn Lowengrub (University of California, Irvine)

Fall 2011 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Oct/26/2011Finding Structure with Randomness: Probabilistic Algorithms for Constructing Low-Rank Matrix DecompositionsJoel Tropp, California Institute of Technology
Nov/02/2011Engineering Very Long-Lived StatesBraxton Osting, UCLA
Nov/09/2011Longitudinal librations of a satelliteMario Martelli, CGU
Nov/16/2011The post-fragmentation density function for bacterial aggregatesErin Byrne, HMC
Dec/02/2011Transonic problems in multidimensional conservation lawsEun Heui Kim, Cal State University Long Beach
Dec/09/2011Social Network Clustering of Sparse DataBlake Hunter, UCLA

Spring 2010 Applied Math Seminars

Spring 2008 Applied Math Seminars

Date:sort iconTitle:Speaker:
Feb/14/2008Cost Allocation: Theory and ApplicationsProf. Eric J. Friedman (Cornell University)
Feb/15/2008Hypermodels in the Bayesian Imaging FrameworkProf. Daniela Calvetti (Case Western Reserve University)
Mar/27/2008Mathematical Approaches to Studying Molecular InteractionsProf. Julie C. Mitchell (U. Wisconsin)
Apr/18/2008Combinatorial Optimization, Phase Transitions, and the Peculiar Case of Graph BisectionDr. Allon Percus (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Apr/23/2008Computational Modeling of the Shoot Apical MeristemDr. Bruce Shapiro (Caltech, JPL & CSU Northridge)