Annual Moody Lecture Series 2012


Dr. Michael Moody

       The Harvey Mudd College Mathematics Department is establishing a lecture series in honor of Michael Moody. For more information about Dr. Michael Moody, visit HMC Math Department.

       Under his leadership as chair from 1996–2002, the mathematics department revised its curriculum, rejuvenated the senior-thesis program, and tripled the number of majors. Mike was a guiding force that led to our department being awarded the American Mathematical Society's inaugural award for an Exemplary Program or Achievement in a Mathematics Department in 2006.

       He also founded an evening lecture series that brought speakers to the College who illuminated the joy, wonder, and applicability of mathematics and that attracted hundreds of students. We would like to continue this tradition by establishing this lecture series in his honor.

       Mike was thrilled and humbled to hear about our plans for this lecture series before he died in January, 2010. Our department—and many students, faculty, staff and friends within its community—have benefited from his extraordinary legacy.

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